Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 52 of natural dreads & photos

OK, so where have I been? it is so hard to get good pictures of my hairs stages, and then by the time I do, it ends up being weeks later, and they've already changed again. Nowhere to begin like the present (and maybe a little ways back too :) )

Before getting going on the pics... I will remind this is the natural/neglect method where you wash and let dry, separate into the sections that are forming and otherwise, just leave it alone to mat into dreads on it's own. I separate normally after I wash and let it dry. It mats up like crazy after washing, or wearing my llama beret with my hair up inside it.

Day 26

wet, with beads to keep sections

Day 52
beads out, sections still going on

Day 45
this is the back as it's drying, before separating the matted roots.

this one dread is making crazy loops and bumps. fear not it will be a normal dread as the hair mats and pulls in tighter.

my hair likes getting bumpy

more matting going on at my nape

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Day 52

whew... have I caught up? I hope so. I will try to have DH get some pics of the actual dreaded hair that resembles more matted sections. there's a couple of them in these pics, but they are soo hard to capture and they are all underneath.

it's going well so far. my hair is really taking to dreading. it is so amazing to feel and see the changes my hair is going through on it's path to dreadlocks.

If you are thinking of dreadlocks for your hair, or you currently have dreads, check out it is a wealth of information, friendship, and photos.


  1. awesome they're coming along so well
    could u make that a link that should work
    so glad you've been a part of the community and your dreads are looking amazing :)
    beautiful natural and healthy

  2. haha whoops noticed the banner under the commebt as i sent..sorry

  3. Sure, i can do a link anyhow... I also think I might resize and move the banner when i get a longer moment.

  4. They are looking SO SO good!! I started mine with backcombing but most of them started to come apart so I did the t&r and am just letting them do their thing now with LOTS of frizzies! Yours look amazing.. now I wish I had just done the natural thing!

  5. They are looking great! Coming along fast, and your little guy is precious.